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Aden + Anais

For the softest touch, choose muslin cotton

Aden and Anais specialise in crafting bedding from muslin cloth, which provides the softest touch for infants and children. Muslin cloth is an open-weave, natural fabric that allows the skin to breathe comfortably in all conditions. It keeps children warm in the cold and cool in the heat, helping them gain the sleep they need to grow strong and healthy.

Most importantly, muslin cotton has many benefits for the child’s health and safety. It has been known to reduce many of the risks associated with SIDS, such as over-heating or suffocating from over-bedding. Muslin swaddling keeps the baby warm, safe and comfortable during the night.

Swaddles are a large blanket that is used to wrap new-borns in a comfortable position to keep them warm and comfortable. The advantage of muslin cotton swaddles is that it is a machine-washable material, so they can be used for many different purposes. Parents can use them for a blanket, sheet, change mat, play area, burping cloth or pram cover.

More and more Australian parents are beginning to understand the benefits and value of purchasing swaddles which are as soft as they are durable – and the best solution is to stick with a brand who has established a reputation for both qualities.

Aden and Anais offers a practical and stylish range of muslin products, such as baby sleeping bags and blankets, but they have become a household name due to the popularity of their swaddles – which are as durable as they are versatile.

Child & Baby are proud to stock the entire range available through Aden and Anais, including their complete range of sleeping bags and bamboo swaddles. Please take the time to browse their entire catalogue and provide your child with the gift of a perfect night’s sleep. You will find the perfect addition to any room and the lowest prices on all items.

Shopping online is quick and easy with Child & Baby. Simple find the items you like, purchase them online using our secure checkout system and select the shipping options that apply to you. All items will be delivered to your door within days – so you don’t even need to leave the house to find the best products for your child.

What are the advantages of swaddling?

Parents all over the world are discovering that children sleep much better when they feel safe and secure, wrapped snugly in a blankets or swaddle. Here are just some other benefits associated with swaddling:

  • The risk of SIDS is reduced, as the child remains in a safe position
  • The muslin cotton fabric used to craft Aden + Anais swaddles has natural breathing qualities, helping your child to maintain a natural body temperature – preventing them from getting hot or cold during the night
  • Swaddling restricts the limbs and muscles, so that children are less likely to wake themselves due to involuntary reflexes
  • The constant contact does not only provide sufficient warmth, but also keeps the child feeling safe and comfortable during the night – making the transition easier after leaving the womb
  • They can also be used during feeding time, helping to keep the child in a comfortable position
  • Prevents the child from the scratching themselves during the night

What is the benefit of muslin cotton?

Aden + Anais use muslin cotton to craft their products because it offers the warmest and most-comfortable night’s sleep for your child. Because it allows the child’s skin to breathe naturally and helps maintain a healthy temperature in all conditions. Overheating is still one of the most common causes of SIDS, which is why many parents are beginning to understand the importance of choosing the right fabrics.

Aden + Anais swaddles are also available in a fantastic range of colours and designs

Apart from being safe and comfortable, Aden + Anais also understand the importance of style. They have produced a range of bright designs, with traditional colours to suit the gender of your child and contemporary styles to match any bedroom or nursery.

Swaddles are one of the most practical mothering tools around

A high-quality swaddle, like the kind that Aden +Anais bamboo swaddle, can be used for much more than baby bedding. Muslin cotton can be machine-washed and dried, so they are perfect for handling the muck and mess that babies can create. Here are some additional ways to use your swaddles:

  • Change Blanket
  • Play Mat
  • Cot Cover
  • Feeding/Burp Towel

Take some time to brose our online catalogue

Child & Baby has gathered the biggest brands, best products and offer all customers the lowest prices. Take some time to browse our entire range of Aden + Anais sleeping bags and swaddles and find the perfect addition to any nursery or bedroom. Once you have found the items you need, purchasing is easy with our secure checkout system and they will be delivered to your door within days.

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