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For the wildest wooden cars around, look no further than Automoblox. This sell-out brand has reinvented the classic wooden car for a new generation of parents who are after quality toys that inspire their children to create.

Made from a mix of lacquered beech wood and vibrantly coloured interchangeable parts, your child will delight in designing their very own Automoblox. All interlocking parts fit with other Automoblox, making the design possibilities endless! The cars are also wonderfully tactile, with each part snapping rewardingly into place. Real rubber tires are delightful to grip and push along hard wooden floors. Toy passengers and drivers have geometric legs that correspond to their custom-designed seats.

Automoblox minis are half the size of the originals, but just as fun. Durable, compact and easy to take to school or in the car, these delightful toys will provide hours of amusement. Your kids will love collecting and designing their very own sportscars, sedans and hot rods.

The unique puzzle-making element of each car not only keeps boys and girls endlessly entertained, but fosters crucial problem solving, visio-spatial processing and motor skills during the design, creation and play process. Automoblox is fun for parents too, promoting the special relationship between parent and child.

These incredibly popular toys sell out quick, so make sure you check out our collection of Automoblox at Child & Baby today!

Automoblox online

Each car comes with its very own 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), allowing free registration online in the Automoblox Owners Club. Members are given the chance to receive promotional freebies, Automoblox news and special access to limited edition products.

Foster your child’s imagination, individuality and confidence by giving them the ultimate gift of Automoblox.