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Baby Sleeping Bags

Lay your child to sleep in safety and comfort

More and more parents are beginning to understand the benefits of baby sleeping bags, and the joys of having a child that sleeps safe and sound each and every night. Research has shown that fitted baby sleeping bags are one of the most effective methods for getting children to sleep.

There are also many safety benefits associated with baby sleeping bags, as they reduce many of the common risks associated with SIDS. The most common causes of SIDS are related to over-bedding, loose blankets and over-heating. Baby sleeping bags are designed to reduce over-heating as they do not require additional blankets and are fitted to the child’s length to prevent the child slipping underneath and suffocating.

Young infants need a good night’s sleep, it gives them the energy they need to develop and grow strong. By laying your child in a baby sleeping bag, you can rest easy knowing that your child is receiving the best night’s sleep.

Because when your child rests easy, the rest of your family can too

Child & Baby stocks a fantastic range of baby sleeping bags on sale, crafted from the highest-quality materials, such as cotton, wool and bamboo blends. These materials are grown naturally and best for the child’s delicate skin. They allow the child’s skin to breathe naturally, keeping them at a safe and healthy temperature in all conditions.

Take some time to browse our selection of quality baby sleeping bags. Click on the individual items to view features and prices, and once you have found the items you like, purchases can be made using pir secure checkout system.

What are the health benefits associated with baby sleeping bags?

When you make-up your child’s bed, it is important that you eliminate all the risks associated with SIDS. A baby sleeping bag reduces the risks often associated with over-bedding and loose blankets. Normal blankets can be easily kicked off, leaving the baby cold and irritable, or worse, babies could wriggle underneath loose blankets and suffocate. Similarly, if there are too many blankets, it can cause the child to overheat.

Baby sleeping bags are designed to provide the perfect warmth in all conditions, so there is usually no need to provide extra blanketing. They are also fitted to the baby’s size, so there is less risk of the baby slipping underneath or wriggling out.

Are there any other advantages with baby sleeping bags?

Parents will enjoy the ease of baby sleeping bags, because they take no time to arrange and can be easily machine-washed when dirty. You will not be required to fold and make-up additional blankets and bedding, because the sleeping bag provides enough warmth and comfort.

Another advantage of baby sleeping bags is that they can also help your child develop healthy sleeping patterns. Children will begin to associate the sleeping bag with comfort and warmth, and be more likely to sleep when they are put to bed.

What materials are used to craft baby sleeping bags?

Child & Baby stocks a fantastic range of baby sleeping bags, which come in a range of materials and designs. Organic materials are available, including organic wool and cotton, which are best for the child’s skin.

Organic materials are produced using 100% natural materials, which is cleaner for the child’s delicate skin, reducing the symptoms of eczema and other harmful skin conditions. The clean production methods are also beneficial for the environment, offering long-term health benefits for generations to come.

Browse our fantastic current catalogue and baby sleeping bags on sale

Child & Baby stocks a fantastic range of baby sleeping bags on sale and offer parents the best value for money. Click on any of the images above to view individual features and prices, and give your child the gift of a perfect night’s sleep.

Ordering online is quick and simple with our secure checkout system, and once you have made your order, all items will be delivered to your door within days. If you have any questions at all regarding our stock or services, please feel free to enquire online.

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