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It is important that you have somewhere safe and comfortable for your child to rest.

When choosing a bassinet, it is important that you choose a brand and model that is safe, comfortable and will last as long as you need it to. Child & Baby stocks a fantastic range and offer all customers the best value for money.

Bassinets are perfect for parents who need a practical bedding solution they can transport easily. Bassinets are smaller and lighter in weight than cots, so they can be moved to different rooms and transported in a car.

Children will sleep easier in familiar surroundings, which is why it is important that you can take their bed with you. This way you can visit family and friends, or stay in accommodation with the peace of mind that your child is sleeping in a safe and comfortable environment.

Take some time to browse this fantastic selection of bassinets from Child & Baby. We only offer the most reliable brands and the best value for money to all customers. Take some time to browse our products and make purchases online. Ordering is quick and easy using our express checkout system and all items will be delivered directly to your door.

Children need their sleep – it helps them grow big and strong. When they are put in bedding that they are not familiar with, they will become irritable and less likely to sleep; keeping your whole family awake. By taking a comfortable bassinet with you, your child will begin to associate it with the comforts of home and sleep better as a result.

What are the benefits of bassinets?

There are many benefits to having a bassinet, especially for parents who are always on the move; either visiting family and friends or travelling. A bassinet is light-weight and comfortable to carry, and most models can also be fixed securely to a car seat – making travelling even easier.

At home, bassinets are a popular alternative for newborns, because they can be easily moved between rooms. The bassinet can be set in the nursery or bedroom during the day and taken into the parents’ bedroom at night, helping everybody sleep easier.

Some parents prefer a bassinet to a cot for newborns, because they believe the baby prefers a smaller sleeping area. Placing them on a large cot surface can make them feel cold and isolated.

How to select a bassinet

Child & Baby stocks a fantastic range of bassinets in various styles and sizes. It is important that you take the time to consider the features that are important to you. Here are just things to think about:

  • What sizes are available and how long will they be suitable for my child?
  • Does it have carry handles?
  • Does it have pockets/compartments for clothes and accessories?
  • What is my budget?

Child & Baby offers a great range and value for money

Take some time to browse the fantastic range of bassinets available at Child & Baby. We offer customers the best value and additional services, such as gift wrapping and quick home delivery.

Enquire online today

Shopping online has never been quicker or easier with our express checkout system. Simply choose the items you want and complete the delivery form. All items will be delivered to your door within days. If you have any questions or products requests, feel free to contact Child & Baby directly.

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