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Products that make your job easier

Boon is a company dedicated to making a parent’s job easier. Their products are designed to reduce mess and stress, while creating a fun and positive experience for the child. What started as a personal solution for tidying bath toys, soon grew into a fantastic range of toys and bathroom accessories, all designed with safety and practicality in mind.

All Boon's baby products are manufactured using the safest materials and production methods. They are designed for maximum safety and fun, so your children can play safely for hours on end – well, at least until they’re ready for bed.

Bath-time Fun

Boon offers a range of products designed to make bath-time a fun experience for children. Some parents find it difficult to bathe their children, which is why it’s important that you create an environment that creates a positive association.

Rubber ducks are a timeless bath toy that children have always loved and associated with the water. Boon has taken the traditional rubber ducky and incorporated a range of bright and colourful designs. There are now ducks available in bright pinks, blues, greens, oranges and the traditional yellow.

With all the toys, accessories and cleaning products that you need in the bath, it can sometimes be hard to keep the area from looking messy. Luckily, Boon has created a range of bath-time cleaning products such as the Frog Pond and Bug Pod, which offer some storage space. The best thing is that they also look fun and funky, so they improve the look of your bathroom and provide some entertainment for the kids.

Boon has also created a series of water-related games, which will keep children entertained while they are in the bath. There is a fantastic game called water bugs, which requires children to catch fun little characters in a small child-safe net. There is also a ring-toss game, which comes with a floating target that children can try to throw rings on. These games are fun and easy for any child over the age of 9 months.

Taking the mess out of eating

Boon has recently extended their range to cater for more than just the bathroom. They have also created a range of eating utensils and accessories, which are designed to reduce mess and create a fun experience for the child.

They have developed a range of cutlery and crockery that is designed to reduce mess and teach children to eat correctly. These baby products are as fun as they are practical, with bright colours and safe materials that can be put in the dishwasher.

The ‘squirt’ range is designed to remove the need for bowls entirely. The food is filled in the squeezable handle, which parents squirt as the baby takes mouthfuls. When finished, a lid can be put on and saved for later – which makes them perfect for travel.

The colourful ‘catch bowl’ range is designed to catch any spills, keeping some of the mess contained and clothes a little cleaner. The bowl has a food catcher stemming from one side, which catches some of the mess and funnels it back into the bowl.

Shop online today and save!

Child & Baby is proud to stock this fantastic range from Boon, and offer all customers the best value for money on all items. Whether you are shopping for friends and family, or just want to reduce mess in the bathroom and kitchen, Boon will have the perfect solution.

Shopping online has never been quicker or easier than with Child & Baby. Take some time to browse our catalogue, and complete your order using our secure checkout system. There are also a range of shipping services available, so items will be delivered to your door within days.

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Finding the best products for your child can be difficult, especially if you’re a first-time mother. The friendly team at Child & Baby are standing by to assist with all questions and product requests. Feel free to contact us today.

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