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We offer the best value for money of baby cot bedding

For first time mothers, finding the perfect cot bedding can be hard – luckily, Child & Baby is here to help. We can help you find the perfect bedding solution for your needs, taking the time to understand your situation and budget.

We only stock the biggest brands and most reliable products to ensure the best value for our customers. Take some time to browse our entire range and find the perfect cot for your needs. Click on any of the images below to view individual features and prices.

Orders can be completed online using our secure checkout system, and all items will be delivered directly to your door – shopping online has never been easier. If you have any enquiries or requests, feel free to contact us directly. Our friendly team will be able to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

What are the advantages of having a cot?

Many parents prefer laying their child to sleep in a cot, as opposed to a bassinet, because of the fact that they are bigger, and last the child for a longer time. Bassinets are only suitable for the first few months after being born, while a cot has a much larger sleeping area.

Cots are traditionally light-weight and easy to fold, making them the perfect solution for parents who still want to socialise and take holidays. Children sleep better when they are in familiar surroundings, and with a cot, children will remain safe and comfortable wherever they go.

How to choose the appropriate bedding for a cot:

There are several features which you should consider to ensure you select the best cot for your child. To make shopping as easy as possible for parents, we have compiled a short list:


Safety is the most important thing to consider when choosing a baby cot. Fortunately, Baby Bedding only stock the most reliable brands and products of the highest-quality, so you can rest assure that your child will receive remain safe and comfortable.


The size of the cot is important, not only in-terms of the sleeping area, but also the size to which the cot folds to. If you are taking it travelling, it is important that it will fit easily within your car.


While comfort and safety are the most important factors when choosing a cot, it is also important that you choose one which looks good and suits the interior of your child’s nursery. We offer a range of styles and gorgeous colours, so you can find something to suit your particular tastes.

Contact Child & Baby and find a cot to suit your needs

Child & Baby stocks a fantastic range of cots and bedding accessories. Whether you are looking for a gift for new parents, or simply want to provide the most comfortably sleeping environment for your child, we will have exactly what you need.

Order online today!

Take some time to browse our selection of baby cots. When you find what you are looking for, orders can be completed online and items will be delivered to your door.

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