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Make sure your child gets a perfect night’s sleep each and every night

The product we get asked about more than any other is the ergoPouch. The ergoPouch is a baby sleeping bag which has a five-star safety rating and has won several awards for quality and safety, including the 2009 iParenting Award for Most Outstanding Product (Bedding Category).

More and more parents are discovering the benefits of having a child who sleep well each and every night. It is important that all children get a good night’s sleep, as it helps them gain the energy they need to learn and grow.

This is why you must provide safe and comfortable bedding for your child. The ergoPouch is crafted from natural materials, allowing the baby to maintain a healthy temperature and their skin to breathe naturally.

The ergoPouch is designed to make the parent’s job as simple as possible, with a unique two-way zip that makes feeding and changing much easier. It is also compliant with safety regulations, making it a safe alternative to traditional bedding.

It features stretchy inserts on the sides and shoulders and has a fitted design, making it as comfortable for the child as possible.

The benefits of laying your child to sleep in the ergoPouch are obvious – take some time to browse the Child & Baby site and find the best value on all children’s products and international brands. Take advantage of our express checkout system and fast shipping.

The ergoPouch has won numerous awards for quality

The ergoPouch was voted in Disney Online’s pregnancytoday.com as one of the Top 25 Nursery Items, Award-Winning Essentials. This is due to the extensive testing and research that has been conducted to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety.

What are the benefits of baby sleeping bags?

Many parents are beginning to understand the safety benefits associated with baby sleeping bags. Loose blankets have a tendency to fall off during the night, making the child cold and irritable. Even worse, children could wriggle underneath the blanket and suffocate themselves.

The fitted design of the ergoPouch prevents it from falling off during the night or from the child being at risk of suffocating, removing many of the common risks associated with SIDS. The ergoPouch is crafted with natural materials, which allow the child’s skin to breathe naturally, preventing them from over-heating.

Parents will also enjoy the convenience of having less bedding to deal with. Because no additional bedding is required with an Ergopouch baby sleeping bag, it does not need to be arranged and tidied, and because it is machine-washable cleaning is quick and easy.

Ergo Baby sleeping bags have also been known to improve the child’s sleeping patterns from an early age. Every ergoPouch comes in a cute and colourful design, which all children will adore. By creating a positive association between the ergoPouch and being comfortable and warm, they will be more likely to fall asleep.

Crafted from natural materials

The ergoPouch is crafted from alpaca wool, bamboo and organic cotton, to ensure the most comfort on a baby’s sensitive skin. Organic cotton is manufactured with 100% natural resources, which means it is free of any chemicals or bleaches that may be harmful to your child’s skin. The ergoPouch ergoCocoon contain less than 5% Elastane in the fabric to get the stretch that is needed for the benefit of providing the close fitting and stretchy swaddle.

Give a child the gift of a perfect night’s sleep

Whether you are looking for a gift or just want the best products for you own child, the ergoPouch takes the child’s comfort and safety into consideration. Child & Baby is proud to stock the ergoPouch and offers all customers the lowest prices available. Take some time to browse our fantastic range and find the perfect gift.

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