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The best way to support your baby and your lifestyle

For years, ERGObaby has been a family favourite in terms of safety, comfort, and for revolutionising the baby carrier market. Since 2003, ERGObaby has manufactured ergonomic carriers that develop the growing bond between parent and child. Parents have the freedom to perform their everyday activities while also enjoying an increased awareness and closeness to their baby.

ERGObaby’s ergonomic carriers support both parent and child by balancing the baby’s weight in proportion to the parent’s hip and shoulders. Unlike other carrier designs, which can compress the baby’s spine if weight is not correctly dispersed, an ERGO baby carrier supports a natural sitting position. Weight is dispersed between the baby’s hips and thighs, which is crucial to healthy body development.

Check out our range of organic ERGO baby carriers – made from 100% organic cotton twill for superior comfort, that is gentle on baby and gentle on the earth. Child & Baby offer the lowest prices and a fantastic range of shipping options – shopping online has never been easier.

Stress-free and comfortable for hours, ERGObaby provides a safer way to carry their children, while allowing them to conduct normal day-to-day activities. Foldaway sleeping hoods not only keep babies feeling secure while they nap, but shelters them from sun and rain while outdoors.

Superior stitching, buckles, and a combination of quality cotton and polyester materials make ERGObaby a fantastic investment for the new parents. An ERGO baby carrier is also machine-washable, making them easy to use and easier to clean. A wide range of colours and patterns are also available, catering to the taste of every parent.

The ERGObaby range includes carriers for every lifestyle. In addition to ERGObaby’s classic carriers, they have also developed a range of performance carriers for active mums and dads. This range utilises quality, innovative materials for superior comfort and extra breathability. There is also a fantastic range of ERGObaby accessories, which allow versatility and convenience.

ERGO safety

ERGObaby are dedicated to child safety, and all products are tried and tested to ensure your child receives the levels of support and comfort they need. All ERGObaby products adhere to various international safety requirements, including:

  • Certification from the European testing agency TÜV and the Juvenile Products Manufacture Association (JPMA)
  • Adhere to American Standards for Testing Materials (ASTM)
  • Meet all of the United States’ CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Information Act) standards

Simplify your life and strengthen the bond with your child by browsing our entire range of ERGObaby products online. Child & Baby offer a range of products for all needs and tastes, along with the lowest prices and quick delivery of all items.