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Keeping Baby Warm, Without Overheating

A flannelette cot sheet is designed to keep an infant warm while allowing breathability. The soft, lightweight, spun cotton yarn material is excellent for making an infant cozy on cold nights. Cot sheets, pillowcases, and blankets made of flannelette are often given as baby shower gifts, as they're a necessary part of any baby's nursery bedding set.

Historically, flannelette was made from finely carded wool. In addition to cot sheets, it was used to make underclothes and nightclothes. This trend seems to have translated into creating bed sets of flannelette for children and adults. As cotton's popularity and cheapness rose, wool fell out of favor, and now flannelette is made primarily of cotton or cotton blends.

Quality and Practicality in a Cozy Package

There are several "degrees" of flannelette. There is the cheaply made and commonly available variant, providing cot sheets with a distinct 'fuzzy' texture but of little depth. Cot sheets made from more expensive flannelette are more soft, less coarse, and offer a bit of padding, much like sleeping on a thin blanket. The most expensive and high-quality flannelette sheets are often a silk/cotton mixture with a soft, plush texture. In addition to cot sheets, flannelette is commonly used to make children's pyjamas and men's button-up work shirts.

One of the largest practical benefits of flannelette, especially where cot sheets are concerned, is its sturdiness. Flannelette cot sheets and pyjamas can be washed and dried on a routine basis without showing any great wear or damage for it. This can be partially contributed to the looseness of the spun yarn from which it is constructed; it's reasonable to expect the colors to fade before the fabric itself begins to show wear.

The Hazards of Winter

For many parents, winter is a dangerous and anxiety-filled season. Parents are cautioned not to allow the infant to overheat, but they're also concerned for the child's comfort. Flannelette cot sheets are brilliant at solving this dilemma. If the infant is a 'wiggly' sleeper, they'll still be in contact with the cot sheets, which are the primary source of their warmth. Using plain cotton cot sheets in winter should be avoided, as they don't provide the additional warmth or plushness of flannelette cot sheets.

Many parents, afraid of inviting disaster, will not allow their small children to sleep with blankets in their cot. The additional warmth of a blanket could be replicated with a set of flannelette cot sheets and flannelette pyjamas. With a medium to heavy-weight waffle blanket or flannelette pyjamas and an oscillating fan set on 'Low', the child is guaranteed a warm and cozy bed, plenty of air circulation, and little chance of smothering or shivering.

Uniquely Suited to an Infants' Needs

Flannelette cot sheets, pillowcases, and pyjamas do a brilliant job of keeping a small child warm on a cold night. Flannelette is a natural choice for small children given the soft, plush texture and the fact that it can be found printed in almost any pattern, often in bright contrasting colors to combat the fabric's natural fuzziness. The fabric is often sold in craft stores, so if you chose, you could make custom cot sheets, blankets, and pyjamas for your own little one. Retail flannelette cot sheets are slightly more expensive than regular cotton, but for the additional benefits they offer, they're worth the price.