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Gro Bag

Make sure your child gains a good night’s sleep each and every night

The Gro Bag was introduced in 2000 and since then, the amount of parents in the U.K. that used baby sleeping bags grew from zero to a massive 80% in 5 years. In the last ten years alone, there have been over 2 million Grobags sold around the world.

In order to provide the most comfortable and safest sleep for your child, The Gro Company conducted comprehensive research over a number of years. Each Grobag is designed with the safety of the child in mind, and reduces many of the risks often associated with SIDS.

Babies like to kick and wriggle when they sleep, and normal blankets have been known to become loose or fall off during the night. This can be harmful if the child and make them irritated due to change in hot and cold temperatures.

The Gro Bag is fitted to the baby’s size, so that they remain snug and comfortable during the night. The design includes a customised neck-hole, which prevents the child’s airways from becoming blocked during the night.

There are so many safety benefits associated with using a fitted sleeping bag and mothers are enjoying the fact that their child gets a good night’s sleep, each and every night.

Child & Baby are proud to offer this fantastic range of Gro Bags, offering all customers the best value for money. Check out the fantastic range available and find one that suits the interior of their bedroom or nursery.

Free nursery thermometer with every Gro Bag

Choose from a fantastic range of colours and designs

There are many different styles available, including a variety of gorgeous colours and fun patterns. There are blues and pinks to suit different genders and animal patterns that all kids will enjoy. All styles are designed to be bright and fun, to help the child establish a positive associate with a comfortable sleep.

Make sure your child sleeps in comfort and warmth

SIDS is still a major issue which all parents should consider when choosing appropriate bedding. Some of the most common causes of SIDS are due to loose or over-bedding. Loose blankets can be kicked off during the night, leaving the child cold and irritated and if they manage to wriggle underneath, they could be suffocated.

Over-bedding is dangerous because it can cause the child to overheat. Gro Bags have a low TOG rating, which is a rating system designed to measure the warmth of material. This ensures that the baby stays at a comfortable temperature without the need for additional blankets.

Gro Bags follow the strict guidelines set by the Foundation for the Study of Infant Death (FSID). These guidelines state that all baby sleeping bags much be non-hooded and sleeveless, as well as material with a low TOG rating.

The custom-design is fitted to the child’s size and shape, so that it won’t become loose during the night and will not restrict movement of the arms or legs.

We value safety above all else

Choosing the best bedding for your child can be difficult, but luckily the team at Child & Baby are here to make your job as easy as possible. Here are a few handy hints to help ensure the safest night’s sleep for you little one:

  • Children should always sleep on their backs
  • Ensure the neck is fastened so that the child’s head cannot pass through
  • Make sure you find the right size sleeping bag for your child, so that it does not fall off nor cut off circulation
  • Gro Bags are designed to provide enough warmth, so avoid covering them with additional blankets
  • Regularly check up on your baby to make sure they are at a comfortable temperature

Check out our range of Gro Bags online

Give your child the gift of a perfect night’s sleep with a fitted sleeping bag. Mothers all around the world are enjoying the benefits of sleeping bags, and having a child that sleeps safe and soundly each night. Check out the fantastic range available at Child & Baby and take advantage of our low prices.

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