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Give your child the gift of a perfect night’s sleep


In 2000, The Gro Company unveiled the Grobag – a fitted sleeping bag designed for newborns. When more parents realised the health benefits associated with fitted sleeping bags, and saw that children were sleeping soundly at night, the demand grew and grew.

In just five years since its release, the number of parents in the UK alone that used baby sleeping bags grew from zero to a massive 80%. In the last ten years, there has been around 2 million Grobags sold around the world – which is incredible on any scale.

If you haven’t heard of the Grobag, then do a little research – the advantages are obvious. Because they are fitted to the baby’s size and shape, they keep them safe and warm during the night, and prevent many of the common causes of SIDS, such as overheating and suffocation.

Babies love to kick and wriggle around while in bed and with loose blankets, they can kick them off, making them cold and irritable – or worse, they can wriggle underneath them and suffocate. The Grobag is designed to prevent either of these scenarios.

Grobags are fitted, and are designed to stay snugly on the baby during the night. It has a customised neck-hole to prevent them from smothering their faces or blocking their airways. Grobags also feature optimal TOG (fabric warmth) ratings, so children stay warm in all conditions.

With all these benefits, more and more parents are beginning to understand the advantages of a Grobag. Take some time to browse the range available at Child & Baby and the lowest prices available. Order online and items will be delivered to your door within days.


Grobags also come in a fantastic range of colours and designs

While safety and comfort should also be considered first when choosing baby bedding, it is also important that they complement the look of your child’s nursery or bedroom. There are blues for boys and pinks for girls, or a range of different colours and animal patterns that all kids will enjoy.

Grobags are designed to be fun and colourful, to encourage kids to develop a positive association with sleep. If they begin to associate sleep with comfort and warmth, they will not become fussy and irritable when it’s time for bed. By establishing a good sleeping pattern early, they will be less likely to resist it later.

Optimal warmth in all conditions

Grobags are designed to remove the need to for additional blankets – further preventing the risk of the baby overheating. Grobags come with an approved TOG rating, which means that they provide optimal warmth in all conditions. This prevents the need for additional blankets, and therefore additional blankets are rarely needed.

Here at Child & Baby, we value safety above all else

We understand how difficult it can be to find the right products for your child, especially if you are a first time mother. Luckily, the team at Child & Baby are here to help. Here are a few hints to ensure your child receives the safest night’s sleep each night:

  • Lay the child to sleep on their backs. Grobags keep the child snug and their limbs restricted, so they are less likely to roll themselves on their stomachs;

  • Ensure the Grobag neck is comfortably fastened, so that their head cannot pass through;

  • Before purchasing, make sure that you select the right size for your child. If it is too small, it can cut off circulation or suffocate the child, and if it’s too big it could fall off during the night or smother them;

  • Avoid covering the Grobag with additional blankets. They are designed to provide enough warmth, and additional bedding may cause overheating.

    If you are worried about the child being cold, speak to the staff at Child & Baby about different TOG ratings;

  • Be sure to check on newborns every-so-often to make sure they have not rolled over or are overheating.

Shop online and save!

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for new mothers, or just want the best for your child – a Grobag is perfect. Parents will appreciate the consideration you have given to the child’s health and safety, and the child will appreciate the warmth and comfort each night.

Child & Baby stocks a fantastic range of styles and designs, so you can find the perfect addition to any bedroom or nursery. Shopping online has never been easier, with a range of shipping options available so that all items arrive on your door within days.

Need assistance? Contact Child & Baby today.

It can be difficult to find the best products for your child, especially if you’re a first time parent. The friendly team are standing by to assist with all enquiries and product requests, so feel free to contact us online or phone.

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