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Itzbeen Pocket Nanny

Itzbeen pocket nanny makes caring for your baby simple. Portable and easy to use, the award-winning Itzbeen baby care timer is fast becoming a parenting essential.

With four handy one-touch timers, the Itzbeen baby care timer lets you know in a glance when your baby was last fed, changed, asleep or awake. An extra button gives you the option to time any other important steps in your baby’s day, whether it’s medication time or play time. Simple-to-set optional alarms provide additional reminders to help your day run smoothly, while the ingenious nursing reminder function makes it easy for mum to remember what side she nursed baby from last.

Itzbeen pocket nanny also comes with a soft-glow nightlight and display backlight, making it easy to find and keep close at all times, while also guiding your steps around baby in the dark. A handy back clip keeps the timer around when you need it most, while the mute button makes it easy to catch some must-needed rest.

Available in an eye-catching range of green, pink and blue, the Itzbeen baby care timer is the perfect choice for any new mum or dad.

About Itzbeen

Since 2007, this innovative timer has been collecting awards for excellence and has quickly become a must-have product among parents.

Designed by parents for parents, Itzbeen makes caring for your baby simpler. Discover the convenience of Itzbeen pocket nanny for yourself by purchasing from our online store today.