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Le Toy Van

Look to Le Toy Van dolls houses and wooden toys to inspire imaginations

More parents are returning to wooden toys as a more durable, attractive and safe alternative to plastic toys, free from the toxins found in many plastics (such as phthalates and bisphenol-A).

This UK toymaker offers beautifully crafted, award-winning toys that last. From pirate ships to farmyards to the adorable dolls house, this innovative brand has created a unique world of exceptional toys. Your children will love populating this world with their very own Budkins. These bendy people come in an assortment of colourful characters, featuring Sir Ingot Knight, Milly the maid and Robin the robber!

Boys and girls will have great fun with wooden zoos, castles, farms, garages and cars. With cows to milk, drawbridges to drop and ramps to roll down, the opportunities for imaginative play are endless. The award-winning Barbarossa pirate ship is bold, brash, and tons of fun – with a working cannon, an opening stern and a fully functional anchor! A beautiful range of wooden furniture and accessories are wonderful additions to any Le Toy Van dolls house.

Designed in the UK and manufactured in Indonesia, all wooden toys are tested by accredited safety organisations and adhere to the highest industry standards. This respected company is also ethically and environmentally responsible, using responsibly sourced materials and ensuring the conditions of their workforce are of a high standard.

Take some time to browse our entire range of wooden toys in our Le Toy Van Australia store online.

Le Toy Van Belle Sale

Your child will delight in this magical world of fairy castles. With two fairy-tale turrets, a removable rescue ladder, secret door and music box, the Belle Fairy Castle provides hours of make-believe fun!

Discover the appeal of wooden toys for yourself by browsing our store online.

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