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LEGO Australia

Buy LEGO today for the builders of tomorrow

A legend in toy making, LEGO is here to stay. Who knew the design of one plastic brick in 1958 would turn LEGO into one of the world’s most beloved toys? Inspiring learning, creativity, and construction, LEGO is an invaluable gift to your child.

LEGO Australia continues to cater for all ages of children, from toddlers to teenagers and even to grown-up children! LEGO inspires all aspects of development, inspiring and utilising problem solving skills and creativity. LEGO Australia gives children the opportunity to expand their mind and imagination while having fun.

Non-toxic, colourful and impeccably constructed, LEGO bricks not only provide hours of fun, but are a fantastic educational aid. Planning and building cities, aliens, trucks and farms with LEGO bricks not only entertains your children for hours – it also develops your child’s imagination and logic.

Themed LEGO kit sets, such as the Disney Cars, Dino, Star Wars, Harry Potter and Ninjago collections are extremely popular with older children, while DUPLO caters for the younger hands of pre-schoolers. LEGO TECHNIC continues to be a favourite with more advanced construction makers.

Two-time winner of “Toy of the Century”, LEGO is here to stay. Beloved worldwide, LEGO Australia makes purchasing this iconic toy both easy and affordable. Buy LEGO AU today: check out our extensive range of LEGO Australia online.

LEGO Trivia

Did you know:

  • ‘LEGO’ is an abbreviation of the Danish words “leg godt” – “play well”
  • Founded in 1932, Lego is now 80 years old
  • Children spend approximately 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO
  • There are over 900 million ways of clicking together six eight-stud bricks of the same colour

Give your child a gift they’ll treasure forever. Buy LEGO Australia online today by taking a look at our LEGO AU store.