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Nothing lasts like Lifefactory glass bottles. These bright, funky bottles are not only a hit with kids, but reusable, safe to use and environmentally responsible.

Lifefactory glass bottles are a fantastic, eco-friendly and safe alternative to plastic bottles. All Lifefactory bottles are made from laboratory-grade, thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass. This means they’re hardy, dishwasher-safe, reusable, safe to use in the freezer and BPA-free. Each bottle comes with a brightly coloured protective silicone sleeve to prevent breakage and provide a comfy non-slip surface for little hands to grip. A leak-proof series of interchangeable caps makes them handy on outings and perfect for school backpacks.

Invest in a safe, fun alternative to plastic bottles by taking at look at our range of Lifefactory glass bottles at Child & Baby today.

Safe, simple & smart glass bottles

Lifefactory products follow three simple guidelines: they must be safe, simple and smart for everyday use.

All LifeFactory products are 100% BPA, phthalate, PVC and polycarbonate free, easy to clean and hygienic. Using only responsibly manufactured high quality materials and designed to make everyday life that little bit easier, LifeFactory glass bottles are a winner all year round.

A series of interchangeable components and caps means you’ll have a quality product for life. Lifefactory glass bottles are designed to grow with you and your child, transforming from a nurturing baby bottle to a sippy cup for toddlers – and even to a snack container – with the click of a lid.

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Lifefactory is a trusted, responsible and internationally recognised company dedicated to developing reusable, eco-friendly and safe products that last. All components are manufactured in the U.S. and Europe from the highest quality materials.

Check out the new products coming out of this exciting brand today by browsing our range of Lifefactory glass bottles at Child & Baby.