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Award-winning, hospital-grade Medela breast pumps and accessories

For over fifty years, Medela has been a leader in breast pump innovation and technology. Medela’s award-winning, hospital-grade pumps are designed and created in collaboration with the world’s top lactation experts. For new mothers, Medela makes breastfeeding a comfortable, calming experience with products that parents can trust.

Medela pumps cater to the needs of every mother – with the option of electric and manual, double and single breast pumps. Incorporating trusted lactation research with technological innovation, Medela’s breast pumps replicate a baby’s natural nursing rhythm. Not only is this soothing for baby, but it is incredibly comfortable and soothing for new mothers.

Medela have revolutionised the way mothers express milk with the Medela Freestyle, one of the world’s smallest double electric breast pumps. Comfortable, quiet, and portable, the Medela Freestyle is perfect for mums on the go.

A vast range of breastfeeding accessories are also available, including bags, bottles, specialty feeding devices, and maternity apparel. The award-winning BPA-free Calma feeding bottle is a favourite for mothers and babies alike. Utilising the latest in lactation research, the Calma bottle mimics the natural breastfeeding actions of your baby, making it a perfect companion to the Medela Freestyle breast pump.

Medela adheres to international safety regulations and all Medela bottles and products are BPA-free. Supplying over 80% of hospitals in the United States and the UK, Medela is a leader in hospital-grade, quality products and lactation research.

Check out our Medela Australia store and discover for yourself the benefits of using Medela breast pumps and Medela bottles.

Medela Research Facts

Since 1965, Medela has paved the way for ground-breaking research in lactation:

  • In 1983, Medela developed the world’s first quality manual breast pump
  • Recognised as number one in breast pumps by healthcare professionals, Medela’s breast pumps are used in 80% of US hospitals
  • Collaborating with the Human Lactation Research Group of the University of Western Australia, Medela continues to be one of the world’s leading contributors to lactation research
  • Medela’s products have always been BPA-free – long before health authorities began warning about the potentially-harmful BPA (bisphenol-A) found in polycarbonate plastics

Take a look at our Medela Australia store for the latest in comfort and innovation.