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Nursing Pillows

Feeding time doesn't have to be uncomfortable for new mothers!

Many new mothers will spend a lot of time breastfeeding their newborn children. Some mothers have to sit for long periods of time in awkward and uncomfortable positions because they find an effective way of getting their child to feed. These uncomfortable positions can have bad consequences for their posture, joints and muscles.

Fortunately, nursing pillows have been found to take some of the stress and pain away from breastfeeding. Nursing pillows have many advantages, making feeding more comfortable for both the child and the mother.

Child & Baby have gathered a selection of quality nursing pillows of different styles, to make breastfeeding as comfortable as possible for new mothers. Nursing pillows have different features that will match your approach to feeding.

Browse our entire range and feel free to contact us if you require assistance. Our friendly staff can help match the perfect products to your needs and make your job as simple and stress-free as possible. All orders can be completed online and items will be delivered directly to your door.

What are nursing pillows?

Nursing pillows are designed to assist with breastfeeding; helping the mother and the child feel more comfortable. They are commonly in a ‘U’ shape and fit around the mothers’ waist. This allows you to support the baby at a comfortable position, without putting immense strain on your arms.

What are the advantages of nursing pillows?

There are many different styles of nursing pillows available, which provide different benefits. Some nursing pillows are designed to improve posture, while others are meant to help the child latch. There are different styles available to suit different feeding techniques.

Nursing pillows are the perfect solution for mothers who are uncomfortable feeding on couches or beds, and cost far less than the trouble of setting up a separate ‘feeding station’. They will help to support the child’s head, so you can sit in a more comfortable position.

Pillows are often made of different materials, some which are designed for comfort and others which are made for support. Speak to the staff at Child & Baby for assistance with finding the best nursing pillows for your needs.

Browse our range of nursing pillows

Take some time to browse the nursing pillows we have available and gain the best value for money. All orders can be completed using our simple checkout system and items will be delivered to your door.

Need assistance? Enquire online

Our friendly team are standing by to assist with all questions and requests. Contact us today by completing an online enquiry form or call us directly for an immediate response.

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