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Playgro has a reputation for quality, innovation and safety

Both parents and children love Playgro toys, which is why they have become one of the most recognised brands available today. They are fun, safe and educational, making them perfect for children of all ages and interests.

The team at Playgro have always prided themselves on innovation and safety, coming up with new ways to keep children entertained and assist with their development. The quality of their products also means that they will receive the best value for money on all items.

These toy designs are then manufactured using the latest technology and materials, ensuring quality at every stage of production and a durable product that can withstand the wear and tear that children are often capable of.

Playgro has conducted years of research to determine the qualities that all parents look for when choosing toys and products for their children. These qualities play an essential role in the design and production of their entire range. They include:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Value
  • Fun
  • Development

Child & Baby only stocks the biggest brands and offer all customers the best value every day. Take some time to browse our entire online catalogue and put a smile on any child’s face. Orders can be completed online and there are a range of shipping options available, so all items will arrive on your door within days.

Toys that are designed to entertain and educate

Playgro ensure that all toys offer educational benefits for children, as well as provide hours of fun. They provide cognitive, visual and auditory stimulation, helping them develop problem-solving skills and basic motor skills. Playgro toys are the best way to prepare your child before they begin formal education.

Most importantly, Playgro toys provide hours of fun for children of all ages and interests. With a range of fun shapes, animals and colours, your children can play with them as they’re intended, or apply their imaginations and play their own games.

Playgro toys are crafted from high-quality, child-safe materials

All toys and baby products are produced with the most durable plastics and fabrics, so your children can play safely at all times. They are designed to reduce breaking and prevent individual pieces from being detached and swallowed.

Playgro understand that quality is important, and all toys are designed to withstand the wear and tear that children are capable of, giving you the best long-term value for money. Child & Baby also understand this factor, and ensure the lowest prices for customers each and every day.

Shop online today and save!

Child & Baby has gathered the most reliable children’s brands and ensure the best value on all products. Take some time to browse the entire range and find the perfect gift for parents and children. Items can be purchased online using our secure checkout system, and will arrive at your door within days.

We offer a range of shipping services

Child & Baby offers a fantastic range of shipping services to ensure that all items arrive on time, whether in Australia or international. Simply go through our secure checkout system and check the options that apply to you.

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