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Qubies is the original award-winning upside down ice cube tray. Simple to use and store, the Qubies food tray makes introducing solids to your baby a breeze. The trays are also exceptionally versatile, making it simple to store and freeze breast milk, baby purees, gravies and stocks without the fuss and mess of traditional ice cube trays.

Not just for babies, you can freeze just about anything in a Qubies food tray - from delicious mini desserts to left-over egg whites, wine and homemade pestos. Qubies is specially designed for ease of use, with a snap-on silicone lid that uses cleverly designed dividers to separate liquid and food into handy 30ml sized cubes. Rather than messily spooning food into individual compartments, food can be poured directly into the base, which has a convenient max fill line to prevent overfilling. The super tight seal ensures your food stays fresher and frozen for even longer.

BPA, phthalate and PVC free, Qubies is perfectly safe for you and your baby and comes in a fantastic range of eye-popping colours. All food trays are stackable, making them easy to store in any freezer, no matter the size.

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About Qubies

Since 2007, the Australian designed and made Qubies food tray has gained increasing popularity with customers and stockists around the world. Developed by mum Alexandra Wardle after fighting with a tray of pureed mash potato after the birth of her first child, Qubies has also been snapping up numerous awards for product excellence and innovation.

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