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Tidy Books

Books for kids aren’t made the same as books for grownups. So why use the same bookcase?

Tidy Books have designed the perfect children’s bookcase with kids in mind. Books placed in a Tidy Books children’s bookcase face out, not in, instantly brightening up a room and making each book accessible and appealing to little hands. Bookcases are made to foster creativity, exploration and learning in your child as they grow.

Every Tidy Books children’s bookcase is carefully crafted from quality sustainable wood and safety tested materials to ensure it lasts and lasts. Bright tactile letters not only organise books, but are fun for kids to identify as they begin to learn their alphabet. Each children’s bookshelf is beautifully finished in a clear, blue, pink or white eco friendly water lacquer finish, and can be safety and easily secured to the wall with two screws. The slimline design makes it a great space saver and a fun, attractive addition to any room.

Invest in a bookshelf that will nourish and last a childhood by purchasing from Child & Baby’s great range of Tidy Books bookcases today.

Available in an eye-catching range of green, pink and blue, the Itzbeen baby care timer is the perfect choice for any new mum or dad.

Tidy Books Box

The Tidy Books Box makes books portable for reading-time on the move! The practical design features a panel design that displays the bright front covers of up to 40 books and magazines. The removable play clock, complete with a big bright movable dial, fosters further learning by introducing time to your child in a fun, accessible way. Each box is finished with an eco-friendly water based lacquer that achieves a beautiful finish that will appeal to parents as well as kids.

Foster a love of reading in your child with a bookcase made for just for them. Browse our selection of competitively priced bookcases today at Child & Baby.