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Wheely Bugs

For children just learning to walk to those already running, Wheely Bugs are perfect for kids on the move.

Unlike other ride-on toys, which can only move forwards and backwards, Wheely Bugs have unique omnidirectional wheels that allow them to move in any direction - whether back and forth, to and fro, or up and down. They are perfect for developing vital motor skills in your child, as well providing endless hours of fun!

Wheely ride-ons are durable, super comfy and easy to wipe clean, with a spongy seat and sturdy polyurethane-covered aluminium handles. Crafted from quality materials guaranteed to last, this award-winning Australian company has already made the Wheely Bug Bee and Ladybug familiar faces in homes around the world.

Each ride-on features:

  • A sturdy plantation grown Poplar base with smoothed corners for extra safety
  • PVC-free polyurethane seat with soft foam padding
  • Durable stainless steel spring feelers
  • Easy-hold aluminium handles with polyurethane grip
  • Quality tested materials free from harmful chemicals and phthalates

All toys comply with international Safety Testing requirements and regularly undergo thorough quality control testing.

Meet the family!

They’re all big softies, but also super fast! Meet the Wheely Bug Ladybug, Pig, Bee and the rest of the family and make a new friend today.

  • Wheely Bug Bee - You won't be missed on this brightly striped critter! Bzzz!
  • Wheely Bug Pig - With soft ears, a button nose and a curly tail, this plush pig is adorably huggable.
  • Wheely Bug Ladybug - Berry-red and dotty, this friendly ladybug is not only pretty, but quick!
  • Wheely Bug Tiger - He may look cute with his frosty beard and smiley face, but be warned - the Wheely Bug Tiger is fiercely fast!
  • Wheely Bug Cow - Moo! With its springy horns and bulky body, you better jump out of the way when you see a Wheely Bug Cow coming!
  • Wheely Bug Mouse - With its great pink floppy ears and whiskers, the Wheely Bug Mouse is cunningly fast and incredibly cute.

Meet the fun and fantastic Wheely Bug Pig, Bee and Ladybug at our Child & Baby online store. You may even find some !